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    Nanette Lepore by Nanette Lepore

    I'm a very picky perfume person. I find most of them to be smelly and heavy (though I confess to loving Red Door when I was 8), and really prefer the nice smell of soap more than anything else on my body. However, I am a girl and so I kept trying to find a scent so that I could be like all the other girls. Enter Nanette Lepore. I swear I have tried on every scent over the years and one day I methodically went through Sephora's collection. Nanette Lepore was the only scent I kept coming back to, because it's unique blend of notes draws me in and works wonderfully with my body chemistry. Nothing else in the store worked as well. Nothing.

    So why do I like Nanette Lepore? First off, there's that lovely, intoxicating blend of rose and jasmine notes. The rose is light and airy, which I really like, while the jasmine creates a deeper, more lush scent to balance the rose. The amber and sandalwood notes give the depth to this fragrance that it needs. It's the perfect everyday scent and it goes easily from day to night wear.

    On my body the rose settles in after a little while, so the blend of darker and brighter notes are equal. This makes it light and romantic yet gives it that oomph needed to set it apart from ordinary floral scents.

    This is my signature perfume. I love it and I couldn't be happier that it was created.

    28th December, 2010

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