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    Mitsouko by Guerlain

    Some perfumes make me smile, but I happily move on to something else the next day on my quest for another masterpiece. Then there are those that become an important part of my life. I have a lasting relationship with Mitsouko, still I'm not really sure what it smells like. Sometimes it's a delicate veil of almond and pepper, sometimes it's a dark wood of a mysterious temple, and sometimes it's what I think molten gold should smell like.

    For me Mitsouko has so many faces, and I know I haven't discovered all of them yet. As soon as I think I have it pinned down, something catches me off guard and I discover a new perfume. Mitsouko got me interested in women's perfumery. One day while absentmindedly browsing a Guerlain counter I happened to pick up a bottle, and the exquisitely delicate balance of contrasting notes did something to me. I've been hunting for another Misouko ever since, and while I have since found quite a few perfumes that I couldn't live without, Mitsouko has a unique place in the perfume firmament.

    28th December, 2010

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