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    1 Million by Paco Rabanne

    This is a great scent if you are young trying to get noticed, and your life revolves around clubbing and bar hopping, the scent is amazing in those situations. However I feel it being such a great clubbing scent is also its down fall, it is becoming very popular and in time will soon be a common scent and will not get the great amount of attention it once did and it will meet the fate of many other attention catching scents before it. That being said this fragrance to me is sweet to the point of almost being feminine, which is no suprise when one looks at todays trends. It does to me give off a bubble gum type scent which is pleasing and many girls I have met seem to like. However for me this fragrance is not very versital, I can only wear it in the colder months or when I am out on the town clubbing, any other time it just does not work for me. Do I love this scent NO, do I hate it NO, to me it is just another scent that I have in my collection that I use at certain times and even in those situations it is not my go to scent.

    28th December, 2010

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