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    Love in Black by Creed

    Love in Black is one of those Creeds that I had prefigured quite well. After reading and surmising about it for some time, I finally had a chance to sample it, and wasn't disappointed. My only gripe is with the top - what's with Creed's top notes? The unnecessary amplification of the doughy iris lent the first forty minutes a distinct Play-Doh feel, which, while not altogether unpleasant, was not compelling enough to make me want to purchase a bottle. An hour into the scent's evolution, however, brought a very different flower arrangement to the forefront: iris, violets, and rose, with a touch of cedar wood. Once the iris opens up and the violet and cedar appear, Love in Black becomes a refreshing and playful floral - very sexy and sweet. The closing becomes a little too sweet for my liking, and for about fifteen minutes, I got a cotton-candy sugarbomb, which seemed to be part of Love in Black's second life. As the sugar wound down, a powdery cedar and blackcurrant accord stepped forward, and the composition felt centered again. This is a Creed that takes patience; while most fragrances lure buyers with friendly five-minute tops, Love in Black insists on shoving iris in your face for the better part of an hour, before showing its true depth and complexity. Strange that it's marketed only to women, as it seems very wearable for a man, albeit one with the right disposition. For Love in Black, that disposition is quite sunny.

    28th December, 2010

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