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    Silver Mountain Water by Creed

    Challenging, unique, and refreshing are words that spring to mind when considering Silver Mountain Water, with emphasis on that first trait. While it pleases and uplifts with its tangy citrus and green tea, the darkness of the currant creates an earthy, astringent tension that drives the overall character of the scent. I think Luca Turin used the derogatory word "glue" when describing SMW in "The" Guide, but the less-malevolent reference to printer ink found in reviews here seem fairer and more accurate. Somewhere in its construct, lurking behind the synthetic berries and realistic tea, is a note in SMW that defies nature. It's cool and detached, and pungently metallic. It's the reason I strongly disliked SMW for the first ten minutes of wearing. But as the greenness of the tea, the tang of the expanding citrus, and the sweetness of the blackcurrant opened, the overall effect, tied together with the ink note, made me rethink things. This is very subversively fresh - not generically so, as in Green Irish Tweed - and therefore more singular and attractive in the long run. Definitely one of the better modern Creeds.

    28th December, 2010

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