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    Erolfa by Creed

    No doubt the chicks love EROLFA on men, just as they also love Cool Water, Acqua di Gio, Le Male, Code, and Unforgivable. For some inexplicable reason, women, especially American women, are brutally attracted to calone, synthetic ambergris, synthetic vanilla, and sugared fruit. That's the bad news; the good news is that EROLFA boasts none of those, yet still maintains a sensuous profile in the league of modern aquatics for the lads.

    I shouldn't say it lacks all of the aforementioned ingredients, however - there is certainly the salty, ambergris Millésime base upholding EROLFA. And as usual, the Creed top notes fail to impress. I don't know what EROLFA was in 1992, but the version I'm smelling now is nothing more than a bright lemon/lime citrus burst, followed by a quaint salty ozonic accord that wafts lazily into ambergris, and a vague suggestion of sandalwood (driftwood?) in the dry down. I'm left with a wrist that smells like it's been to the beach, though intuitively closer to the Strand of Sligo, Ireland than anything you'd smell at the Jersey Shore. Two points for pleasant exoticism in a tired genre - three demerits for being formulaic, weakly-concentrated, and responsible for Becka the Barstool Temptress clinging to me all night. EROLFA is not nearly as bad as Turin makes it out to be in "The" Guide, but it sure isn't worth the sticker shock.

    28th December, 2010 (Last Edited: 29th December, 2010)

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