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    Lui by Mazzolari

    Potent and animalic, raw and dry, Mazzolari Lui is a rare one. Its robust opening is an aromatic hammer to the head…a potent brew. To my nose Lui is strongly centered around patchouli – a rich full, dark, even resinous patchouli accord…nearing animalic. The patchouli is supported by woods, vetiver, spices, and ambergris, with the ambergris being the dominant of the support group. This particular ambergris is not the sweet, golden version; this one is dry, resinous, and extremely masculine. Others mentioned leather, but I don’t get very much leather. Lui is powerful and raw, and I find the musk providing a strong animalism. I even get a sort of fecal note sporadically rippling through the middle accord. The sillage at first is strong but after a while it regulates itself to the point where it might not have as much sillage as I would like. Longevity is no problem in that Lui seems to last forever as a rich, intriguing skin scent. When I first smelled Mazzolari Vetiver it jumped to the top of the list of my favorite vetivers. Now that I’ve smelled Mazzolari Lui it’s déjà vu all over again: I’ve found a favorite patchouli.

    24th May, 2008

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