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    Eau du Coq by Guerlain

    People invariably complain when reviewing any Eau De Cologne, that the longevity is abysmal. This is often due to the fact that they are unfamiliar with the purpose of the eaux. Eau de Cologne as a fragrance type (not necessarily simply as a term of dilution) is best seen as a bath or personal hygiene product rather than a perfume. EDCs are used as part of ones bathing process, in lieu of a bath, or as a way to freshen up during the day. Most EDCs can be very effectively used in this manner, while serving as a base to one's fragrance of the day. They most frequently feature fresh hespiridic notes and other types of highly volatile essential oils which give the impression of cleanliness and freshness and thus are not meant to be long lasting in and of themselves.

    Eau du Coq is my absolute favorite EDC. It has an opening of citrus featuring a perfect lemon on top of the best hespiridic accord that exists, consisting of bergamot, orange, and neroli. There is a wonderful fresh/floral/indolic center of jasmine, patchouli and lavender sitting on a surprisingly sensual base of sandalwood, oakmoss and a subtle hint of civet. Never has there been a better EDC, and I'll be surprised if a better one is ever developed. I will never be without Eau du Coq for any reason whatsoever.

    04th January, 2011

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