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    Bel Ami by Hermès

    I had wished to try a «leather» scent for some time, having no (quite uncommon) member of this family in my little wardrobe. I thought I would appreciate since I often prefer “male” scents to female ones. I haven’t been disappointed. Or only in as much as I don’t smell leather in Bel Ami. Rich wood, aromatic herbs with a touch of amber, a general wish to go lazing beside a fireplace – well, it’s been quite cold and snowy these days in France and I did spend a few hours resting beside an open fire in the country, with Bel Ami on my wrists. It felt perfectly at home. Still does as I have been spraying it there every morning ever since.
    To me, it is a deep private pleasure to tune it with Jardins sur le Nil on my scarf and Vol de Nuit on my heart – all right, I could wear Amazone instead, to stay in the tone. Only we haven’t been introduced yet. It feels close to Antaeus, another not-at-all-feminine favourite of mine. Oddly enough, it does not last very long on my skin, but I never considered longevity as quality in itself.

    07th January, 2011

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