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    Elle by Yves Saint Laurent

    Elle reflects the chicness of modern Womanhood confident
    yet refined this scent is the new Era of the powerhouse
    scents of the 80's a scent just screams HERE I AM JUST LOOK AT ME! commands your attention with just one spray.
    Open zesty with Almalfi Lemon with a crisp and bitter
    texture in a minute it dries a bit softer with Petals
    of peonies with it's semi sweet airy scent floating in the notes, Sweet and succulent Litchi plump ripe with
    the purest transformation to dark pink to bright Red
    dries sweetly finishes the top Layer with intoxicating
    nuances. Delicate and spicy pink pepper opens the second
    layer turns the scent with a bit of dryness that adds
    to the intensity Jasmine is very easy to detect in This scent and give off an greenish herbal smell.

    The drydown or the bottom layer fades and the only
    note i can pick up is the diluted silage of Patchouli,
    and deep almost elusive patches of musk that finishes
    this Scent.

    What i also think why this scent is sexy the reason for this is the shape and the color of the flacon
    Clean slender lines reminiscent of the perfectly
    built and well groomed businesswoman domineering and
    Sexual who put men in their place and also the color
    the sexiest of all flacon colors conjours bright neon
    signs of a nocturnal city, adds to the futuristic
    minimalistic style of Today.

    09th January, 2011

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