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    Métal by Paco Rabanne

    For all the specific floral notes I can make out in Metal (lily of the valley, hyacinth, narcissus?) this gorgeous fragrance doesn’t seem like a floral. Even with the connections to other green florals (Chamade, le Temps d’une Fete) and aldehydic florals (No 19) that I can detect, Metal stands in its own category. The only other scents truly akin to it are alike in their abstract construction, not in the similarity of their notes or categorization. Nahema comes to mind for the fact that its overall feel seems yards away from (and at a right angle to) its individual notes. But Metal doesn’t smell anything like Nahema. Qualities of oiliness, flintiness, astringency bend the floralcy in Metal totally out of shape. What we wind up with is not so much synergy as (pardon the metal analogy) amalgam.

    I guess what I dig is that it doesn’t seem so much to bridge categories as create a new one. Flinty green metallics? Oily bittersweets? Venomous gourmand antagonists? However it comes about, Metal remains exciting to me each and every time I smell it, and whatever the fragrance family, this is one I would keep if (heaven forbid) I were obliged to keep only 5 scents.

    29th November, 2010 (Last Edited: 12th January, 2011)

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