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    Nobile by Gucci

    I realize the classic status of this fragrance and as such, it would have been considerably easier for me to give a positive rating, but I just can't do it. To do so, I would have compromised my true assessment and would have betrayed the spirit of user reviews here on basenotes. Nobile is OK and yes, I do own it -- but it is not all that unique and even to my old nose, it smells very old-fashioned. One or two other reviewers mentioned that Nobile has a lingering essence of a dirty ashtray and I completely agree. The other notes (mainly green and woody notes) just aren't forceful enough to push that lingering ashtray odor aside. I'm wearing Nobile at this very moment and in my mind, I can picture someone's grandfather sitting in the den with that smelly ashtray nearby. The room smells like a blend of grandfather's flowery after-shave, smoldering embers in the fireplace, and....that ashtray. Better yet, make that SEVERAL ashtrays.

    12th January, 2011

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