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    Navegar by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    I guess my mind just refuses to believe that there could be something so fleeting and close to non-existence, so I get back to Navegar again and again, thinking:
    "There should be something there! I'm just fatally missing something. What's worse, I'm probably never going to see it, I know."
    And in the moments when I actually manage to smell it, all I get is a lonely leaf from a lemon tree hanging somehow unbalanced in thin air, ready to fall and vanish in the next moment. It's like a construction made of a couple of tiny elements that don't fit, so the whole thing is really unstable and without any base.
    I share the "green, grassy" impression half of the reviewers had. Lemongrass comes to mind, although rubbing yourself with a fresh lemongrass leaf would give ten times stronger projection. These are high quality traces of lemon cologne with a modern touch, ginger added, and that's all.
    And when I shove my nose as close as possible, I smell additional cedar just a bit darker than that citrusy surface, more like complementing it in the same key, doing almost nothing to improve the weakness. Incense? Not if you know other L'Artisan frags that contain incense. Here there's just some kind of weak tea infusion with some spices boiled to death in there. In fact, it's all about traces of somethings, traces of this and that. Here transparency, so often discussed as a new direction in perfumery, is set to the level where you don't see the picture anymore. You just see some pale green-yellow, almost merged with the air. Why that name? Why the blue label?

    12th January, 2011

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