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    A Quiet Morning by Miller et Bertaux

    Ordinarily I donít get along well with a saffron note, but in this case, I think the curcuma (related to turmeric) bothered me more than the saffron the first time I tested it. Frankly I donít think the use of turmeric in a fragrance is a very good ideaÖ the smell of turmeric is not my idea of aroma made in olfactory heaven, but at least it was relatively easy for me to get used to the note. By my third testing, its spicy aggressiveness, while not enjoyable, didnít bother me at all. When the opening accord wears off, I am left with an exotically rich wood accord with traces of the opening spice, and the accord presents itself as a combination of sandalwood and cedarwood augmented by incense. Thanks to the cedar and incense, the accord has an excellent aromatic quality that gives it the feeling of both depth and lightnessÖ Itís as intriguing a wood accord as Iíve experienced in several years. I love it with a love that didnít seem likely with the aggressive spiciness of the opening. This fragrance is like the other Miller et Bertaux fragrances Iíve tried: unique, a bit quirky, and eventually, loveable. Light, but present sillage and excellent longevity.

    19th January, 2010 (Last Edited: 23rd January, 2010)

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