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    Oeillet Sauvage by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    A powdery / mixed floral / spicy fragrance based on the wild carnation. It smells of real carnation to me – that is, I think most carnation scents smell like cloves, not carnation. This one smells like carnation, but the carnation isn’t alone, it is well-accompanied by other florals – rose, lily, and wallflower to be exact. There is quite a strong vanilla coming through from the base, too. But…the main message that I get is powder. On my skin it’s unbelievably powdery, which is a good thing, I suppose, if you like powder… I don’t. I find the scent quite strong and projecting, but it mainly projects powder not the florals or even the vanilla. I must admit that it is a beautiful version of powder – definitely not the baby variety. The dry down, though, takes this scent out of L’Artisan territory – it is extremely long lasting as a dry spicy skin scent. I don’t know where those drydown notes come from, but they were there, sixteen hours after application, the six times I tested this fragrance. And the dry down is somewhat masculine IMO. So there you have it: powdery, not much carnation, flowery, and then a long lasting almost masculine skin scent spicy dry down. Not for me, but a quality fragrance that could be excellent for the right person.

    22nd November, 2008

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