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    Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Givenchy Gentleman has since some time became for me a reference "vile patchouli" smell. This strange note which I still find hard to believe belongs to a flower, is neither dry/earthy nor burnt-sugary as in other patchouli creations. Instead, it smells like some kind of liquid leather, warm and alive. More like wet animal than wet soil. First I hated it, then i started to appreciate it and have worn it so far 2 times in public. It's by all means easily memorable, especially when you smell it from close distance.
    Now imagine Givenchy decided to make subsequent flankers of Gentleman the same way they did with other frags: first they water it down and remove the civet, calling it Gentleman Eau Legere. Next year they add rose and call it Gentleman Eau Legere Rose Harvest. Finally they come up with Gentleman Eau Legere Rose Harvest - Green Attitude.
    That would be Voleur de Roses. The initial opening blast is wet, a bit oily and nearly pungent for a while, settling down to a dark yet fresh rose and patchouli combo with the addition of earthy and a bit creamy green notes which I think I recognize in the recent Nuit de Tubereuse. I always thought I was indifferent to roses but this is the second rose fragrance I really appreciate, first being Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme. Realy nice.

    13th January, 2011

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