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    MPH by Washington Tremlett

    I struggle with this one. I want to like it. I like fougeres. At times MPH has interesting elements, but at other times I'm challenged to find something good to say.
    In a nutshell, the patchouli is an obstacle and the vanilla verges on deal-breaker.
    The scent starts with a pronounced clove note. As is often the case with cloves, the note alternates between a cool, airy style and something sweet and piercingly aromatic. Much the time, this phase suggests either barbershop or a formal and freshly-pressed white shirt. Even here, there are troublesome foreshadowings of the vanilla note. More and more, a very tangy brown patchouli note emerges. By the way, the only thing "green" about this scent is the bottle. It is always some variation on a brown scent. The patchouli is not really attractive to me but in and of itself is not obnoxious. The vanilla always keeps threatening to overwhelm, but never quite does that.
    Secret here (for me) is a microscopic application and a lot of patience. Many hours later, the drydown is acceptable and somewhat enjoyable.
    In summary, this has three notes which are very low on my totem pole: clove, patchouli, and vanilla. At times it is rather sweet. If even slightly over-applied, it becomes oppressive on my skin.
    On the plus side, the scent is well-made, not synthetic, classy in its own way.
    My reservations are due entirely to me not liking the particular elements. But the scent, as a construct, is well done and has great longevity. Hence my neutral rating.

    14th January, 2011

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