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    Kingdom by Alexander McQueen

    Well this fragrance has been so largely discussed that i don't feel capable of adding something substantial to note analysis etc. I can speak only about my relation to it.

    Surprisingly, Kingdom turned out to be one of my most versatile scents, maybe topped only by Mugler Cologne. I can always put it on without any special occasion and without too much thinking as it fells right most of the time. And I have this abstract connection between Kingdom and Mugler Cologne, not by notes but - not sure how to say that - some kind of sensual freshness. Mugler Cologne has its citrus top, almost like real cologne would, but then it goes the the Eastern way with musk and then something which give an alien, sci-fi fell to it all. Kingdom does the same with its sweet citrusy opening which then reveals some kind of oriental structure but again, it's fiction not pretending to be authentic or classic, it's the sci-fi remake of an oriental base.

    Rose and jasmine, myrrh and raw vanilla, they blend beyond recognition. As about cumin, hasn't it been discussed so vastly everywhere, i would never focus on it, i think it blends perfectly within the slightly smoky base. And I don't think I'm so tolerant to cumin in large doses: I can't stand for example the latest Al Oudh by L'Artisan Parfumeur. Definitely not body odor to my nose in Kingdom. In fact, no extremes at all because of its smooth blending, so smooth it even feels a bit defocused; which just makes it more wearable as it doesn't speak instead of me when I wear it, it just complements me, adds a beauty aspect to the air around me. Not happiness, mind you, not even joy; it's this beauty that always evokes longing so we never say we enjoy beauty as we'd also rarely admit beauty can make us sad. Me, I don't actually know how to feel about beauty. It's just there with its roses and myrrh to turn prose into poetry.

    16th January, 2011

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