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    Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

    Ah, one of my first colognes. Drakkar Noir is actually one of the first colognes I can recall, as well - my dad wore it. Revisiting it, I realized just how much of a crude fougère this is, no offense. A lot of heady moss and patchouli, with citrus notes and (mostly) lavender dancing around on top. Still a nice drydown that isn't so much outdated as it is worn-out, to me. More of a casual fragrance than a formal fragrance - it would be the same situation as trying to pull off Stetson or Brut in a tuxedo. This isn't exactly a daytime scent either, but it can work no matter what season.

    Drakkar Noir, suffice to say, has unfortunately become one of those "every dad and uncle" fragrances. While I can appreciate the memories it brings me, it's too damn common, too crude, and if I wanted an old-school fougère, I'd just as soon wear Azzaro.

    15th March, 2009 (Last Edited: 17th January, 2011)

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