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    Azzaro Now Men by Azzaro

    I get the harsh synthetic vibe, and I also understand all the complaints, but what I find surprising is that people who don't like Now love Chrome...this just does not make sense. Now is nothing more than a sharper and greener Chrome.

    The opening is all citrus and I guess cactus with a bitter and synthetic "fresh" aroma that lingers longer than any opening has a right to do, but then the middle notes come in and they are the same metallic notes from Chrome. These mid-metallic green notes (I can't really call them anything else because it is a synthetic mix with no comparative natural ingredients), stick around for a while, 4 hours at least. People who are not that patient with their scents will mistake this overly long middle as the base, and will thus unjustly downgrade what is a above average modern green fragrance.

    The base is not amazing, but it is competent and has the same white musk and synthetic suede that makes modern fresh fragrances smell cookie-cutter similar after 6 hours. The beauty of this one is that a little goes a long way, and the duration of "Now" is most definitely 8-10 hours into the future.

    A good, fresh/green scent that has replaced Hugo's synthentic equivalent from my main counter.

    20th January, 2011

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