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    Jennifer Aniston / Lolavie by Jennifer Aniston

    Tried this at "The Perfume Shop" on a cardboard strip. It reminded me of another scent but I couldn't put a name to it, although it does smell like a bar of creamy 1970s soap.

    Hours later, having left the cardboard strip in an enclosed dark place, the smell puts me in mind of the scent of just-ironed laundry, where you've used a steam iron or pressed the linen/clothes while they're damp. Maybe the smell that's in the back of my mind *was* a 1970s laundry detergent or bar of soap? I can't pin it down.

    I'd love it if someone with a better memory recall would test this and say what I'm half-remembering.

    I'm giving it a neutral rating because I didn't get to try it on my skin and because it seems to fit Ms Aniston's reported brief (not a "notice me!" Perfume but a gentle, quiet, soft ambience of cleanliness).

    23rd January, 2011

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