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    Aventus by Creed

    I have an up and down relationship with Aventus. I was indifferent to it upon its initial release and was amazed at the amount of praise it was getting. Upon further testing I decided however that a 1 oz bottle was necessary in order to be able to really start to wrap my head around the scent. I sprayed it on and I was simply awash in compliments for an entire day (something that has never happened to me on such a scale in my life). I soon began to realize that it was a scent that seemed to have universal appeal, yet I was still rather on the fence with the scent myself. I have come to appreciate it more and more, and although it is definitely not one of my favorite scents, it is quite pleasant and very wearable in many situations. I really mostly wear it for the compliments it always seems to elicit. I would definitely classify it as a fruity fresh scent with woody and floral undertones. The dry down is not as sweet as the pyramid might suggest, but rather a somewhat dry vanilla, musk and moss. The longevity is quite exceptional even though there seems to be a tendency toward scent fatigue which could prompt premature reapplication. Overall, Aventus is a well constructed scent that I find fairly uninteresting, but I wear when I want to receive compliments from others.

    31st January, 2011

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