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    Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

    Egoiste is shockingly strong. It may be the strongest fragrance I own, tied with Bogart Pour Homme. This baby projects like nuclear fallout, with a half-life of, oh, say 24 hours. Two spritzes is enough to clear out a small room. I'm surprised more of the reviews haven't pointed this out.

    Despite its brutal strength, Egoiste is extremely refined and elegant, and it becomes more and more so the longer you wear it and give it a chance to evolve. It smells intensely spicy and peppery when you first put it on, but it soon becomes perfectly counterbalanced with sandalwood and soft, dark, muted floral notes. Though Egoiste is strong, it is not heavy - the vanilla in the base does nothing more than provide perfect balance and polish to the strong spice and wood notes. Underlying all of this is a subtle animalic smell that resembles civet. I am surprised that civet is not listed as a note in Egoiste.

    Egoiste is beautifully dark and spicy. I think it's most suitable for either wearing while going out at night on a date, or wearing it in a business setting, though you have to be extremely careful with the dosage in that setting.

    Released in 1990, Egoiste remains unique to this day. It does not smell in anyway outdated, and is timeless and classic. I have yet to smell any fragrance that attempts to mimic it. Egoiste remains in a class of its own.

    MY RATING: 9/10

    31st October, 2009 (Last Edited: 01st February, 2011)

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