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    Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

    To be honest I bought it in a hurry after smelling Bond No.9 H.O.T. Always and being amazed by it. I read about the similarities, smelled Gentleman and - true, it was almost the same and much more accessible so I bought under this fresh impression. S little later did I realize that although similar - well, Gentleman has this 'old world' feeling and H.O.T. Always manages to be contemporary. For some time I was actually repulsed by Gentleman and regretted buying it. It had this extreme opening of wet, oily Cuir de Russie and civet, almost like some liquid flowing in the veins of an alien monsterdog. Then it settled to something equally pungent but tamed, soaking oily patchouli.

    It was months later when I learned to appreciate this fragrance and wear it outside. I can't remember under what circumstances exactly but the truth is after the pungent animalic blast that tickles the nostrils in a disturbing way, there are lot of nuances coming their way, not exactly sweet (de-sweetened honey, hypnotic patchouli), not exactly bitter (almost herbal vetiver, hypnotic patchouli), with the mildly smoky leather smelling like some luxurious industrial oil, giving depth. Gentleman actually depicts a whole story and yet it looks like composed of very little layers. It manages to completely envelop the wearer in its dark-brown aura. it's actually soothing. It's a masterpiece. Strange thing: aren't all smokey leather-dominant fragrances called 'masterpieces' as long as they're powerful and pungent enough?

    01st February, 2011

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