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    Anucci Man by Anucci

    Anucci for Men is definitely different if you are looking for something unique for yourself. You notice how all guy colognes smell the same after a while? Well, this is different and it is also my favorite floral fragrance. It's subtle enough that people's noses won't fall off, and if you are trying to impress those ladies... you've just found your magic potion. A great smelling fragrance that's unique, luxurious, clean, sophisticated and can be worn anytime of day to give you that finishing touch. Very sweet and long lasting all day at least 12 hrs. This fabulous fragrance is bursting with sweet floral notes and it's the best among floral-type colognes I've ever smelled. Worth every penny of its small price and one of the best if not THE BEST men's floral fragrance out there. Super sexy and sensual smell that will put me in the mood all the time and every man should try this smell out. If you're tired of usual, heavy "Drakkar-like" fragrances, you'll really appreciate the uniqueness of Anucci; a classic floral cologne that also blows away the overrated, nauseating and overwhelming L'Eau D' Issey.

    13th March, 2006

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