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    Le De by Givenchy

    For someone who bragged about using the Rothschild's bathroom, Luca Turin's snobbery failed him when he reviewed Le De, which is a reference to the particle of nobility in Hubert de Givenchy's name. He might not like classic florals, but the astronomical sums fetched by vintage Couer Joie on eBay means many women do! For the record, Bette Davis didn't wear butch leather fragrances, but this gorgeous romantic masterpiece. Turin was right that there are "scads of raspy indole," so the critic's instincts aren't so off here. But rather than a very soft mattress, the effect here is more like the sparkling bubbles in a luxurious bath. Another comment pointed out the astringency of violets, and that is correct. Every ingredient here is perfectly in place and effected in aquarelle touches, like an Impressionist painting or the way set designers construct backdrops with several sheer panels and colored gels over the lights behind them. The reissue, like many Givenchy perfumes, is perfect.

    19th January, 2011 (Last Edited: 04th February, 2011)

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