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    De Bachmakov by The Different Company

    If someone used to Jean Claude Ellena tried this unlalebeled, this person would think it's one of his fragrances. Celina seems either to have the fondness for the same style and aromas or to be heavy influentiated by his dad's works. De Bachmakov reminds me of some elements that Ellena the dad worked in Kelly Caleche and Terre d'Hermés. Here you get the floral spring nuances of kelly caleche and the iris notes wrapped in what seems to be a fruity opening reminiscent of green apples. As the fragrance develops, the green floral aspects fades to give space for a cedar and musk base similar to the one of Terre d'Hermés, but with more focus on the dry woodiness of cedar and less focus in the mineral musky aspect of Terre. De Bachmakov seems to tie very well the two parts, altough it fails to produce a scent with an intense sillage and longevity. If you don't mind to apply a lot or reapply, it's an interesting fragrance.

    05th February, 2011

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