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    L'Ete en Douce / Extrait de Songes by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    happy, this is a happy fragrance without edges. not what you would call a signature fragrance in any way ,but sth that immediately makes you smile. it smells a bit like fresh washed laundry...mixed with an open summer meadow.
    remember that first school trip you did not want to go to???? and the pullover your granny had washed and that smelled so homely when you snuggled your nose in?and did it comfort you? été en douce is that pullover. cosy, comforting and soft. or the summer meadow you have been lying on as a kid watching the shapes of the clouds go by?
    this is what you find here. clean,cosy,comforting, charming, happy. entirely happy. this may not be a fragrance you will try to seduce someone with...but you do not wear a tight red vamp dress for summer picnic either do you?I love this fragrance because it is genuine and pure.
    and why should that nt be sexy?

    08th February, 2011

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