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    Poopoo Pidoo by Ego Facto

    Can you really take a fragrance seriously, that’s named after a Marilyn Monroe song (‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’) and that markets itself in the ad with a picture of a hunky guy holding a feather-boa-wearing-Barbie doll? The answer is: no you cannot.

    It's a fun fragrance to wear, in fact when I first sprayed it on, I actually laughed out loud and spent the first few minutes speaking to myself “What is that!? I know what that is…??!”. I know I’m not the only person that does this (right guys and gals?) but still…it took me a couple minutes to figure out that the combination of salty powdery notes combined with that quirky ‘rice powder’ note smells exactly like you’ve opened up a bag of Frito’s brand corn chips and inhaled. I am dead serious: corn chips.

    Of course, once it dries on skin this skips along it’s merry way, ramping up with equal dosages of powdery effects (corn-starch?), subdued florals (some white floral…orange blossom or jasmine?) and a fresh, watery note with a touch of green in the background that fades as soon as the nose registers it. There is a bit of citrus that rushes along in the top notes, that sort of resembles biting into orange pith (that white stuff, right underneath the skin), and isn’t nearly as bright and juicy as I expected. It has a strange (and alluring) tartness that I find fascinating, humming along underneath the salt and powder. An edible tartness that held my attention the entire time I wore it.

    It also manages to utilize some razor sharp aldehydes that become evident at the base notes, simply because they started to give me a head ache every time I wore PP - perhaps others, not quite as hypersensitive to aldehydes as I, won’t notice them as much.

    The base notes are my least favorite part – a non-sweet vanilla, musk and woody accents mixed with hint of rice powder – more like a flavor than a fragrance. It smells a bit animalic too…which doesn’t surprise me, as I remember reading somewhere that the smell of dogs paws remind some people of the smell of corn chips.

    Overall, the giggle-inducing fun isn’t enough to save PP from coming off a bit too transparent and a bit unfinished. The perfumer, Dominique Ropion (Vetiver Extraordinaire; Carnal Flower; Alien) should have taken the main accord idea in this and worked it a bit more solid.

    As is, it's very hard to pin down where I would wear something like this: It is casual? Fresh? Can it be worn to the office? Is it sexy? Who the heck knows but it sure is fun! So, for someone like me who has a large wardrobe of scents and is constantly testing new fragrances, this fragrance is nothing more (and nothing less) than a mild, edgy and silly olfactory diversion.

    09th February, 2011

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