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    Ellenisia by Penhaligon's

    This reminds me of the (now discontinued, little-known) scent Trussardi Action for Women. It has taken florals in the same kind of somewhat sterilised, yet sweet direction with heavy emphasis on the green/powdery/violet accord.

    I would like to note that I smelled this on a friend at the same time as I made the purchase and what was striking is how incredibly different our wrists smelled just after a couple of minutes. The perfume was rather green on her; almost unpleasant.

    It goes sweet, soft, powdery and feminine on my skin. The best comparison besides Trussardi Action would be Fracas without the sex. It feels somewhere between a young girl's first romantic date and a mumsy, comfortably feminine floral.

    The tuberose/gardenia accord smells almost entirely artificial (and they've certainly used some ionones on top of violet leaf, if any, in the scent).

    I find the end result very pleasant and wearable. Thumbs up!

    09th February, 2011

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