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    Vol de Nuit by Guerlain

    The Bottle is beautiful the artistry and
    craft they painstakingly created with it's
    Topaz cut and ruched glass cut with
    gold insignia inside a circle with gold
    metal Vol de Nuit is the hight of Art Deco
    and liquid from the fragrance is pure gold. Channels the playboy aviator & eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes with
    his planes and women of course women!
    numerous of them well know actresses
    you can think of had an affair the most
    well know was Katharine Hepburn Jean Harlow
    and Ava Gardner.
    Squiring jean Harlow on the red carpet
    of the Lavish Permire of Hells Angels
    beautifully reenacted by the Pop Singer
    Gwen Stefani from the Martin Scorsese's
    The Aviator.

    Or Walking though a Brown Smokey Quarz art deco nightclub
    where the smoke stains the mirrors and the women whearing
    skin tight Golden Dresses And Men with italian Suits
    And the feeling of sex Is every where and the sound of a
    single Saxophone Playing though the night.

    the scent which i agree with Kastehelmi
    it does fly off your skin there is no silage strength and if you compared
    to shalimar it is obvious that Vol de nuit is an icy sphinx not letting know
    her life nocturne introverted Elegance
    compared to shalimar with allmost an
    more of a masculine yang presence aggressive and yet like Vol refined.

    12th February, 2011

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