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    Love in Black by Creed

    "Holey moley! It's turpentine!" was my initial reaction upon applying this to my wrist. But, as with many fragrances, I've learned to give top notes a little time. 30 minutes later, I wasn't too afraid of my wrist, and sniffed again. Turpentine was gone, and was replaced by a strange nutty oily smell, similar to the nutty smell I get from Guerlain's Mitsouko. I'm guessing that is the orris root that I am smelling. I shall have to go back to Mitsouko and see if it's the same.

    That nutty smell persisted for a quite a while, along with an oily floral smell, and some kind of white musk which was nice. That nutty oily smell though was quite strong, and that is the predominant sillage. Sillage was pretty intense, as well. Longevity was very good (if you like this sort of scent) -- still there almost 24 hours later. Euurrggh. Time for a shower.

    The white musk makes this one tolerable for me. Very unique scent with an odd mobile development. I would know this one again in a heartbeat, if I smelled it on someone else.

    12th February, 2011

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