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    Chaps (original) by Ralph Lauren

    Spicy! Very spicy, though balanced out with a natural sweetness from lavender, anise patchouli and amber. This is without doubt, one of the most blended and refined fragrances ever made. The overall result.. a rugged man's fragrance with some serious sex appeal.

    I don't know how the newer formula plays out, before it was discontinued (in the square bottle) but the original with the country/outback look, is so amazing. This was actually one of my first fragrances when I was much much younger, and I never really appreciated it, of course, at age 12, what 12 year old is gonna wanna smell like this? Recently I got a whiff of this and was blown away; now that I appreciate fragrances more and see things from a more artistic point of view.

    It's hard to believe this has been discontinued, it's really good stuff, a wonderful hidden gem, and a bit of a powerhouse. Not many know about Chaps. If you ever see this in the old school bottle, and you like stuff like Azzaro pH.. don't think, don't even blink, just buy it! Trust me, you will not regret it.

    It's not something I would wear everyday, but it can surly suit somebody's signature scent. It's versatile, projects well, lasts long, and is timeless. It's old school, but never really comes off that way.. similar to the original Polo and Azzaro pH, which never feel dated, just mature. This is a manly man's fragrance. I will soon be searching for a small bottle of this to reminisce!

    19th February, 2011

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