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    Charlie / Charlie Blue by Revlon

    A forgotten '70s drugstore classic, Revlon's Charlie harkens back to the days when women smoked filterless Chesterfields while ironing and watching daytime soap operas. Do any women still do that? Doubtful.

    The scent opens with a blaring lemon/orange zest, then quickly transitions into a somewhat spicy and chemical combination of white rose, lily, and half-hearted carnation on a very dry chypre oakmoss foundation. You can smell the florals distinctly between the tang of the opening and the moistureless base because they're decidedly "white" and lack any coherence amidst all the oranges and browns. I suppose that's a minus for Charlie, as a darker rose and more robust carnation might make the scent flow better. But all things considered, Charlie isn't bad, and is not the blobby peach and musk nightmare I find in so many reformulated drugstore feminines. She who remembers her soap opera and pack-a-day Chesterfield habit probably still hold onto this fragrance, but it lacks relevance in today's world for today's women.

    21st February, 2011

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