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    Stephanie by Michael Storer

    I had just about given up on Storer fragrances, having tried Kadota (Ugh! Rotting vegetation? If that is fig, I may never eat a fig again. Strangely I do *like* figs, but not Kadota), Djin, and Monk (oily opening which I dislike, but wonderful creamy vanilla sandalwood amber drydown).

    I tried Stephanie thinking I'd dislike it. Named after a woman, surely it's another boring floral.

    Whoa! No, it's cedar! :) Cedar and flowers. What's this talk about 'gardenia' in the other reviews? I dunno. I smell cedar. Ah! I love cedar. Creamy cedar and some kind of floral scent, but mainly cedar.

    I tried this at the same time as Genvieve, and for some reason the sillage on Stephanie is not as much as that of Genvieve. I wish Stephanie were a little more assertive, but I do love her! Longevity is good. It's over 9 hours later, and I can still catch a whiff of cedar and sandalwood. But sillage is virtually nil, by this point.

    I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars if it had more sillage. Wearing this perfume, I'd want to be a walking cedar closet, and I'd want everyone to know it. As it is, I must give it 4 stars.

    22nd February, 2011

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