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    Soir de Lune by Sisley

    My favorite perfume! And I wear it whenever I feel like it, day or night, wherever I go.

    I told an sa I was looking for a dark chypre, and she nearly sprayed me with ''Eau de soir'' but I managed to dodge her.
    Only I didn't manage to dodge the ''Soir de Lune'' which she used to attack me with straight afterward. After my ''Eau de Soir'' experience a few months earlier I never wanted another Sisley sprayed one me. Lucky she did catch me!
    To my surprise, for the rest of the day I kept getting these whiffs which brought me a sense of bliss...
    I agree with earlier comments that it seems to go round and round in a circular motion. And as longevity is excellent it lasted until evening. It didn't leave me alone. I went back next day and begged for a sample, and then pestered family and friends to put their money together for my upcoming birthday and buy me a bottle!

    Now my boyfriend loathes heavy scents, so I tried to wean him very carefully to this, he claims he discerns an oud-like smell in this. He thinks it's heavy but he does rather like it. Luckily, because we would have be having problems otherwise, I will not give up my Soir de Lune!
    I have to be careful as to what we are going to do, once I sprayed myself just before we left in the car and the monster sillage ws too much for him. And I can't blame him.

    I agree this fragrance must have top quality ingredients, it has monster staying power, monster sillage. It lasts for weeks when sprayed on fabric.
    Three thumbs up!

    23rd February, 2011

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