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    Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

    I'm really lukewarm about Polo Blue. There are occasionally days I wear this when I want something different from what I normally wear, but there are a lot of days when I can't even stand the mere thought of Polo Blue.

    Overall, Polo Blue is another generic, dull-as-toast woody citrus scent. Putting cucumber in this was an interesting idea, but it doesn't add a lot to the fragrance, and it makes it smell harsh and biting, in a bad way. The cucumber ends up being a gimmick, and Polo Blue has little if anything else to separate itself from hundreds of other boring designer masculines. Calvin Klein MAN, L'Eau d'Issey Intense, Mr. Blass, etc. all smell a lot like this.

    However, on the days I'm in the mood for this, it does satisfy. There's a freshness to it that can be invigorating, and the cucumber, wood and citrus lift the spirits. There's patchouli in this too, and it's interesting to smell this note in the context of a fresh fragrance, rather than some slamming powerhouse.

    The problem is that I'm rarely in the mood to wear Polo Blue. Nice dry woody drydown, though.

    MY RATING: 6/10

    19th February, 2011 (Last Edited: 25th February, 2011)

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