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    L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

    L'heure bleue is indeed a masterpiece as they say. Mine is for the vintage black and brick motive boxed EDT:

    L'heure bleue opens with an opening that is reminiscent of johnson & johnson lotion probably due to the neroli: except that in LHB its deeper, and richer and has a cooling effect. It then leads into anise -- which creates a medicinal or mentholated olfactory profile for some people -- but the anise is clear and strong. Almonds and Vanilla appears and stays till the drydown, peppered with iris, as if there was powdered sugar.

    The scent itself makes me feel like walking in the streets of paris during the dawn, with violets and orange blossoms around, and then visiting a bakery making almond cookies. The neroli-anise opening can be a bit hard to tolerate at first but dont let that turn you away from this masterpiece as it conjures the image of dead violets, mothballs, menthol etc but the drydown is very guerlain -- deep, realistic vanilla and powdery and meaty almond. No wonder it's the scent of so many elegant ladies...but it smells equally good on a man too!

    people with allergies should be careful with the vintage: it caused places that ive sprayed with turn red and itchy, although it varies from person to person. Patch test is important for this scent.

    25th February, 2011

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