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    Quorum by Antonio Puig

    I clearly remember its release back in 1982, while visiting a Sakowitz store in Dallas: it was sold under a hefty price. Well, not anymore, it is now an inexpensive drugstore scent.

    I have two versions of it: the original and the new one. The first one is, literally, a bomb, meaning that its silage is remarkable to the point of conveying a deep sense of dirtiness after application. In this sense, Mario Justiniani's review - "Some fragrances are referred to as " Sex in a bottle." This is crotch in a bottle." - is right, even though I don't agree with it. I am trying to be as neutral as possible, so I guess this marked "dirt /BO" note (cumin?) must have been the blender's intention as per the fashion of the days it was launched. The present version has been reformulated for the good, IMHO, this meaning Quorum is far from being a bland blend. It is still strong and bold, indeed, compared to the usual releases, but not the way it used to be.

    In the cas eof Quorum, bergamot and lemon in the top notes, are very noticeable. Spicy accords give this hesperidic composition a strong "manly" character, maybe because of the pine. Leather and tobacco are the notes that are most obvious in the dry-down, however, with a powdery note reminiscent of classic scents. I have to mention that in my case it draws compliments among the ladies as well as some men.

    For Argentine BNoters, take note that Equus Pampa made by Saint Julien is quite faithful to Quorum's original formulation - the dirtiness absent in the reformulated Quorum is still present in this one. In my case, and as far as it goes, I prefer the reformulated version, for the boldness has been freed of the BO accords.

    28th February, 2011

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