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    Dirty English by Juicy Couture

    I'm going to throw the cat among the pigeons here and say that as a woman I love this fragrance and find it extremely wearable. It opens with a blast of extraordinarily dry, bitter orange - so dry and bitter it's barely recognisable, backed up with a pungent petrochemical quality, a faint whiff of rough moonshine liquor and faint spice. So far so badass. I find this opening bracing and astringent, and it certainly wouldn't be for everyone. It settles down pretty quickly though, and when it does this becomes a woody, warm, dry spicy confection with the boozy muscovado whiff of cheap dark rum. It isn't nearly as rock 'n' roll as it thinks it is though, being a very clean scent on me at least, and once the opening dies down, sillage is polite. I find absolutely no hint of leather or smoke, which disappoints me somewhat as I bought this blind in the hope of both (A miniature bottle, from TK Max). I do very occasionally get a faint impression of skank, but the very dry, fresh hewn wood and rich muscovado ultimately add up to a bright clean wide awake fragrance rather than anything a biker might smell of. The extreme drydown is pleasant and woody.

    While this fragrance is unarguably masculine it does not have that tedious acrid tang that many assertively "male" fragrances suffer from. As such I find it very wearable; any woman who prefers her fragrances dark, rich and unconventional would do well to try this. And any man, for that matter ;)

    17th February, 2011 (Last Edited: 28th February, 2011)

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