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    Arôme 3 by D'Orsay

    I enjoy the lavender in Arome Trois, but also the subtle blending of notes in the middle: the ylang-ylang and the jasmine.

    As OdysseusM observes, this is a very clean scent, and very much a "white shirt" scent. This would be perfect for a work environment.

    On me, the longevity is good and the sillage is perfect--this is not going to clear a room with its scent.

    The fragrance was released in 1943 amid a huge advertising campaign hyping up the "history" of the perfume house in a very well-presented, fashionably illustrated booklet, which included the "history" of Etiquette Bleue. (The house was founded in 1908, but claims 1830. See Nigel Groom's "Perfume Handbook," and Leach's "Perfume Presentations" for more on the house's history. The Comte d'Orsay was not really a perfumer, yet the house used this as a romantic marketing spin.)

    This is a marvelous unisex scent that can be worn by both men and women, and a must-try scent.

    01st March, 2011

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