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    Python Uomo by Trussardi

    I like this scent a lot. The watery blue colour of the juice suits the free nature of this fragrance perfectly IMO, as I agree with a review I read somewhere that its drydown has a captivating & calming Zen-like vibe. Moreover, I find the bottle and its lid quite gorgeous - much like a modern sculpture.

    I'm not sure "Python" is the most appropriate name for this scent as there is nothing edgy or dangerous about it. Very smooth, berry-like and creamy, completely inoffensive but still interesting and sensual, I believe it's a very versatile fragrance that also makes a superb hot weather choice and a laid back alternative to one of the powerhouses. I find that Python Uomo smells very similar to Eaux de Caron Pure (one of my favourites) but fruitier and with a more synthetically musky note, and none the worse for that too; although it also seems to be largely for personal gratification as it is very close wearing and thankfully lasts a long time on the skin. If a way were found to improve its feeble sillage, this scent would be the best of the best. As it stands however it is still very good and is also great value for money as it can be found at eye-wateringly low prices.

    09th December, 2009 (Last Edited: 01st March, 2011)

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