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    Nicole Miller for Men by Nicole Miller

    The reformulation of Nicole Miller for Men is an obvious cash grab from the once trendy 90´s fashion line. NM is a fruity oriental with a warm and embracing introduction and a short fuse. The opening salvo of the scent is marvelous, some sort of apple cider whiskey blast that seems all too recognizable for its time, but vanishes within minutes to a leathery dry-down. Longevity on this rivals Nautica Classic for shortest life span on the market, I never get more than 30 minutes, and that´s being generous.
    Incredibly conventional and formulaic, but still would have been a nice budget alternative purchase for its type if not for the atrocious longevity that makes it almost irrelevant. Pleasant enough in its first-impression, lacks any stamina or unique attributes to stand out from the already overcrowded market. Had wonderful potential but it appears Nicole Miller has settled into its new role as a post-modern out of favor fashion house taking short-cuts in production quality while being less selective about where their products are available for retail.
    Fun for a quick sniff, but pathetic longevity makes this one better left behind.

    02nd March, 2011

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