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    Boucheron by Boucheron

    They don't make them like these anymore the complex
    and multilayerd floral was so in vogue in the 80's
    back then Perfume was an artistry they had the time
    to examine and experiment every note possible in a
    Fragrance ranging from florals spices raisens
    and deep animalistic notes now modern perfumery
    is a mere shadow of the glorious 80's now choked
    with watery fruity scent that has no charactor or
    silage hastely produced for the masses leaving
    art and more profit to the industry.

    But Boucheron is much more then that it's a relic
    to the past we need to make people aware that these
    gems exists and don't think of them as a granny
    perfume or it smells old and outdated look beyond
    those boundries and see what have you been missing
    before it gets discontinued.

    What surprises me about Boucheron is the notes
    complex yet well put together like well crafted
    jewelery or a finely chissled sculpture Boucheron
    is a work of art, It opens crisp with Bergamot
    sharpness of Lemon aromantic cassis and closing
    the openiing is zesty basil, in a few minutes dries fruity with apricots sweet but it does'nt overcloy tangerine with it's tangy nuances makes it's presence known there's a hint of spicy Gerainums noticible and add some spiciness to the perfume.

    Tuberose opens the heart of the fragrance with a buttery sweetness delicate note of jasmine gives an herbal feel and smell Narcissus dominates the middle notes almost drowning the others into obillvion with it's deep and intoxicating scent Lily of the Vally is the elusive note of all i can't dectect, the drydown to the ending sweetish with amber patches of musk and traces of Civet for animalitic properties Benzoin note makes the perfume a bit milky and resianious; the finishing notes of sandalwood adds the dryness and vanilla with it's powdery sweetness

    06th March, 2011

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