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    Sensuous by Estée Lauder

    Starts off very sexy with warm woods and Honey
    Delecate petals of magnolia blooms with a seductivly
    sweet scent and it's stately elegance then dries with lily with a tingere of spiciness Jasmine floats shyly giving a greenish herbalness which is suble, Then turns synthtic giving an impression of Sugar got stuck in some plastic but it's bearable and in fact
    what makes it for what it is, Amber is pronuanced
    in sensuous and gives off a sweetness which it can
    be Cloying at times I can detect Cinnamon dry and
    semi-sweet when mixed with the note of pepper conjours a delectable and sensual aroma The drydown is my favorite Sandalwood adds a inner fire to a
    icy and refined flagon, Sensuous has a Luminosity
    an innerglow that is comfident without aggression
    Sexy but not smut it gives suble hints no tacky
    bright colors or designs just simple and elegant.

    07th March, 2011

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