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    Brooklyn by Bond No. 9

    I got sold by the SA at Sak's and ended up buying a bottle of Brooklyn. I've regretted that buy for quite some time now.

    The Good: It's different. Some people will think it's good different, others will think it's bad different. The bottle looks great. Projection is good.

    The Bad: This scent is distinctly flat to me. I get two notes: Grapefruit and Leather. The drydown is just a less intense version of the opening on my skin, no real evolution from the top to the base. It's also criminally expensive.

    Occasion: Definite daytime scent, but I've struggled with the proper occasion for it. I find it a bit too dressy for casual and a bit too casual for dressy.

    This might be a great scent for someone, but it wasn't for me. It was different, but not necessarily pleasant. It's lack of sophistication and complexity disappointed me. Also, Brooklyn is definitely not worth it for the price, find something else.

    10th March, 2011

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