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    Outrageous! by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    I like it, however, after trying it some thoughts come to mind:

    1. It is a spice bomb, or at least, it opens as such. Immediately after application I am being reminded of Xeryus, Jaguar, Jacomo, R&G Open, One Man Show, which, BTW, they all have been released during the 1970s and the 1980's. Thus, rather than a classic, we might be in front of a fashion victim.

    2. It feels like an aromatic fougere, the aromatics are so evident in the top notes that one can hardly think of it as something else. But...

    3. The dry-down reminded me Montana Parfum D'Home (Red). If you look into the pyramid, you will realise they both share leather in their base notes.

    4. OK, so this is an aromatic leather? Well, it does have oakmoss, but this is overran by the leather. Bold as many aromatics? Yes, indeed. Now, it is worth it if you have enough patience for its mid and base notes, provided you are used to those of what nowadays can be regarded as "classics" scents. Not a fashion victim in this sense, rather partially old school, the adjective being used for, if looking for these, there are better options (Tiffany, Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree, Dunhill 1834, etc.).

    Now, if looking for fragrances at odds with olfactive anorexia, this might be your cup of tea - which is mine, and the reason I gave it a thumbs up.

    11th March, 2011

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