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    Feuilles de Tabac by Miller Harris

    Oh my! I love this scent! The opening was kinda earthy. My first thought was, "leaves!" My next thought was "basil leaves!" Kinda spicey opening, yummy! I do not see basil in its notes, though.

    Then maybe an hour later, I sniffed my wrist again. (Sillage wasn't great on me.) Huh? I did not put Montana Parfum d'Homme (red box) on today! Nor Aramis Havana, for that matter! How odd!

    It's that same sweet compelling smell I get from my two favorites. Is it the tobacco? The tonka bean? The Cuban cascarilla oil? (What the heck does that smell like anyway?) Or the pimento berries?

    Dunno. But, I love this scent, in the same way I love MPdH (red box) and Havana. Sillage is not as powerful as Montana (red box) or Havana. Longevity is not bad. It's 6 hours later, and I still smell its drydown.

    Montana Parfum d'Homme (red box): my favorite scent + pine
    Havana: my favorite scent + intensely oily opening
    Feuille de Tabac: my favorite scent + a bit of basil in the opening


    12th March, 2011

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