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    A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

    Got this courtesy of a very kind fellow Basenoter.

    This is not a strong, cigar-room tobacco. This is a fresh, sweet modulation of the A*men theme sans the tarry notes and the absurd, room-clearing strength. I don't smell the peatiness and guiac-smokiness of Pure Malt. Instead, there is a green component that I suppose is meant to be the tobacco leaves. The drydown is eerily similar to Pure Malt, so much so to my nose that I don't feel the need to own both. It's got a lighter heft to it and is quite wearable.

    I feel it could be bolder. This is inoffensive when applied moderately. It has a sweet light green spiciness in the beginning with ever the faintest whispers of fresh tobacco that transitions into a bolder tobacco theme with honey abundant.

    Longevity is good, projection is good (but not monstrous), development isn't terribly interesting and cacao makes a prominent appearance about 45 minutes in and holds on for several hours before giving up to the famous vanilla and patchouli duet.

    Like Pure Malt, I feel it is an excellent gourmand. I also feel that it failed in the same fundamental way that Pure Malt did: it is not as expressive of its titular theme as it should be. There could be more contrast with the sweetness and tobacco note. It could have been harsher, more pronounced. The wood of a humidor could have been tied in as well. This fragrance would marry well when smoking a Montecristo and letting the spicy, earthy smoke permeate one's clothes. This is tame.

    I can see this doing well in spring.

    12th March, 2011

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