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    Fougère Bengale by Parfum d'Empire

    I admit I was sensitive enough to be repulsed in 2007 (when it came out) by the image and concept behind the perfume itself : All that talk about tiger hunting got under my skin, and I actually tried this about two years later...

    A big love at first sniff made me forget about poor tigers and sleazy british hunters. Bought myself a 100ml bottle right away.

    FB is unbelievably delicious. The way immortelle and civet (there's a good doze of these both) are mixed with classic fougere base makes this a really unique smelling thing : Sure, it has some similarities with such fragrances as Eau Noire and Sables, but it smells very different in the end.

    I smell raisins, dried plums, wet hay bales, damp straws, warm fur of some wild animal, pipe tobacco and curry-like spices - among some other things.

    For a foody and almost gourmand scent this is exceptionally masculine, although it could of course be worn by women, too.

    As you may know this company's bottles come with suprisingly full and unsteady spray mechanism. Makes a small challenge in application since this, like some other PdE perfumes, are very strong with loads of character. The one needs to be fairly easy on the trigger to avoid overdoze and that way boredom towards this brilliant fragrance.

    Really a gorgeous thing and, if there ever was such a thing as animalic gourmand, then this is the one.

    Five shining stars.

    13th March, 2011

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